Over the years one of our most popular parenting talks has been SETTING LIMITS & BOUNDARIES: HOW TO SAY “NO” TO YOUR KIDS. Audiences seemed to identify with the message of the need and difficulty of staying firm. When we act out the skit about a son being late for his spaghetti dinner, parents recognize the challenge of holding to the arranged agreement in the face of escalating responses designed to change parents’ minds.

We embarked on a new journey several years ago to turn this popular presentation into a video for parents so they could review the concepts of staying firm at their leisure. Knowing nothing about this process we enlisted Tom Lieberman (who has gone on to producing the popular movie SWEET LAND) to direct our first video product, SETTING LIMITS & BOUNDARIES: HOW TO SAY “NO” TO YOUR KIDS. The VHS and DVD versions of this video has been warmly received by parents and positively reviewed by publications such as BOOKLIST, LIBRARY JOURNAL and VIDEO LIBRARIAN.

Now we’re beginning the next leg of this journey: on-line training. In conjunction with we have completed converting this parent training video into a parent training web course. Parents can sign up to take this course on-line and receive a certificate of completion after completing the various sessions. We think it’s a wonderful way to bring this important message to parents and those who work with parents.


October 16, 2007. Uncategorized.

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