Weinstein: Culturally responsive classroom management

In her article entitled Culturally responsive classroom management: awareness into action, Carol Weinstein states that if today’s educators wish to run culturally responsive classrooms, they have to be ready to ask themselves hard questions about their practice, their values and their biases. When addressing behavioral issues in the classroom, she states that today’s educators must be willing to “reflect on the ways that classroom management decisions promote or obstruct students’ access to learning.” Weinstein concludes that “Culturally responsive classroom management is a frame of mind as much as a set of strategies or practices.”


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KOHN: Five Reasons to stop saying “Good Job!”

Alfie Kohn’s article, Five Reasons to Stop Saying “Good Job!” states that kids have become “praise junkies.” He says that since young children are so “hungry” for approval, adults have a responsibility not to “exploit that dependence” for their own convenience. This is one of the most on-going controversial topics we have explored in our work with parents and educators during the past twenty-three years.

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