ChildSense’s Tips for Getting More Time to Teach

1. Think before you act. A teacher’s response to student misbehavior can sometimes be more disruptive than the students’ behavior

2. Do what you say. Teachers sometimes struggle with holding students responsible for their own behaviors. They may believe that by giving students another chance they can improve the student-teacher relationship. Unfortunately this usually just confuses students. The student-teacher relationship is actually strengthened when teachers do what they say they are going to do and respectfully hold students accountable for their behaviors.

3. Respond to the behavior, not the child. Tired of students complaining “that’s not fair?” By learning how to respond to the behavior and not the child, teachers can avoid the fairness game.

4. Predictability breeds good behavior. Effective classroom management is founded on predictability. Students need to know what the TEACHER is going to do when they misbehave so they only need to think about what THEY are going to do.

5. Give kids a choice. When misbehaving students are offered reasonable choices, it causes them to THINK about what they are going to do instead of just REACTING to the teacher.


September 8, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Lillian replied:

    Written in this context, the five tips seem so simple and achievable. Though I know there will be roadblocks along the way, I am very much looking forward to putting these tips into action in my classroom.

  2. Patrick replied:

    I too, find this simple explanation seems acheivable, but so do lots of things. Think golf, get ball in hole within a certain number of strokes, looks easy on paper, and even on TV, but once out on the course by ourselves…geeezzz! Need practice!

    Perhaps it’s a bummer, but we need to practice implementing these strategies within our own classroom!

  3. Briana Sykora replied:

    The tips for getting more time to teach are simple and clear!
    1. It is important to recognize we are human and have feeling and can react to things our own way, but all too often teacher can overreact and cause a huge disruption.
    2. Kids know if you follow through or not, empty threats get you nowhere.
    3. “Fair isn’t always equal”
    4. Students do much better with routine and schedule, so why would they do better if consequences were a surprise? Knowing what is coming gives them a clear path to follow (whichever way they go)
    5. Choice is power, and in school kids feel powerless to their teachers. Offering choice will allow them to do what is asked but not feel forced.

    These are such helpful and useful tips!!!

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