Helping Children to THINK instead of REACT

Louisville, Kentucky. We’d never been there before. We were honored to be asked to visit St. Francis High School in downtown Louisville to share some of our ideas with parents from the community and with the St. Francis faculty. Both groups brought a lot of enthusiasm to our seminars, discussing issues and asking questions, many of which we had not heard before.

St. Francis has a strong parent group supporting the efforts of the school. We were thrilled to meet them as well as parents representing other schools in the area. Our presentation focused on the importance and challenges of setting limits for children of all ages. While it helps to begin setting those boundaries when children are young, we agreed that it’s never to late to give our children the gift of following through when they test us. When kids know they can trust us to keep our word, even when it means holding them accountable, it creates an environment of safety and predictability; a place where growing children and teens can thrive.

The St. Francis faculty is an amazing group of diverse professionals. The school director proudly shared the accomplishments of these master teachers. We were impressed by their genuine commitment to the school’s philosophy of teaching students how to THINK. This philosophy aligns so well with ours. We believe that the key to classroom management is to teach kids how to take responsibility for themselves. When students push boundaries in a way that requires a teacher intervention, we want to make sure our response to their behavior doesn’t cause more of a disruption that their behavior does. We do this by offering a response that causes students to THINK, not react. In this way, we avoid the likelihood of having behaviors escalate while preserving the dignity of the student.The teachers at St. Francis shared our commitment to treating students in this manner and raised many other questions about how to achieve this within their unique environment.

We’re grateful to those who brought us to Louisville to work with these wonderful groups of people and we’re looking forward to having an opportunity to return to this exciting and vibrant city.


March 23, 2009. Uncategorized.

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