DEAR TEACHER — a letter from one of your students

Dear teacher, I‘m a ten year old boy. This fall I will be in your fourth grade class. I have many interests including reading, baseball, computer games, and more. I also have cerebral palsy. I am in a wheel chair. My parents told me that in 1975 a law was passed called Public Law 94-142 or the mainstreaming law. The law was designed to help people who have disabilities be included with children without disabilities. I guess that is why I will be in your class and not in a room for special education kids.

The trouble is I do not always feel included at school. I have an adult helper who helps me with some of the things I need to do. She always sits by me. She is very nice and I know her and she knows me pretty well.

Unfortunately, I feel like she is my real teacher and I am her student. My real teachers barely pay attention to me. When they do, they often talk to me like I am a little kid and don’t understand what they are saying. The trouble is, I do understand.

Most of the time my teachers seem to only pay attention to my classmates and I’m left alone with my teacher helper. It gets pretty lonely. I don’t think this is what my parents meant by “included” because I sure don’t feel a part of things. My request is this year I want to be a part of your class. I want to be your student!

Have a great rest of the summer. See you in school!


Your 4th Grade Student


July 28, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Emma Wood replied:

    My heart breaks. I am teaching “The Inclusive Classroom” at a university here in the United States. Anyone who wants to get their teaching credential comes through my classroom. I emphasize that fact that they need to take ownership of every child in their classroom. I do hope that you are included in your class. You deserve it!

  2. Maria L replied:

    This letter is a good reminder to teachers and parents alike. Every child, no matter who they are, wants to feel included and like they belong.

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