New Videos for Educators

Jon and Jeff
As the school year begins, many teachers are looking for resources to address the need for positive behavioral support for students and ways to work effectively in partnership with parents. We’re excited to announce the release of three new video products from the MORE TIME TO TEACH series that will assist educators in these areas. They are all designed for general/special education teachers, administrators, and university instructors. Watch for them to appear on our website,

MANAGING CONFLICT: Escalating or De-escalating
Managing Conflict

When teachers and students are in conflict, the teacher’s response will often determine whether the situation escalates or de-escalates. MANAGING CONFLICT WITH STUDENTS gives teachers the tools to respond to conflict situations in a way that keeps problems small. This descriptive DVD will help to reduce classroom disruptions, improve school atmosphere, and bring the joy back to teaching.

OFFERING CHOICES: When Behavior Problems Persist
Offering Choices
Teachers often become angry or frustrated after making repeated requests for students to stop their disruptive behaviors. OFFERING CHOICES gives teachers the skills to remain calm and eliminate the need to constantly remind students. This enlightening DVD will help educators teach students responsibility as well as help themselves avoid the frustration of dealing with repeated misbehaviors.

WORKING WITH CHALLENGING PARENTS: Confrontation or Collaboration
Working with Parents
When teachers are challenged by parents, their responses can become defensive, dismissive or divisive. This only seems to cause situations to get worse. WORKING WITH CHALLENGING PARENTS gives teachers the skills to respond to challenging parents in a confident manner that builds relationships. This entertaining DVD will help to create a collaborative community between school and parents to best help the child.


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