End of Summer….Back to School

I love being a teacher. At the end of each summer I lament the return to schedules, early rising, early bedtimes. Once I return to school, though, the sight of my colleagues, people with whom I have worked with for years and have a unique type of longstanding relationship, refreshes me. The environment of desks, lockers, school supplies, and schedules renews me. The discipline of the organizational needs focuses me. And the list of children, ready to begin learning, inspires me. I feel lucky to have a job that continues to generate passion, one that gets my tired old body out of bed each morning. Most of my friends don’t have this kind of passion for their jobs. Granted, they make a heck of a lot of more money than I do, but it’s hard to put a value on passion. It’s hard work, being a teacher, and I feel incredibly lucky to be one.


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Blame It On the Teachers

Teaching is a challenging, often under-appreciated job.
David West, a Minneapolis schoolteacher, has decided to fight back in song.

Listen to his song here:
Blame It On The Teachers

or visit the HINDSIGHT MINNESOTA 20/20 website.

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