Blame It On the Teachers

Teaching is a challenging, often under-appreciated job.
David West, a Minneapolis schoolteacher, has decided to fight back in song.

Listen to his song here:
Blame It On The Teachers

or visit the HINDSIGHT MINNESOTA 20/20 website.


August 2, 2010. Uncategorized.

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  1. Monica Wenzel replied:

    This is meant to be a joke, and it’s funny. Yet, a few things Mr. West sang about aren’t funny because they’re painfully true. In my district, Centennial, we’ve had budget cuts like almost every district I’ve heard of and we have a levy just to keep delivering the same quality of education in these financially hard times. In the local paper one week, there was a letter to the editor about how Centennial teachers shouldn’t have taken the contract negotiation because it included a raise (barely but the writer didn’t mention or know this) and then we had to cut teachers from the district. He was strong in how wrong we were and how levies have increased property taxes. As teachers we get the full blame for when students “fail” the standardized tests. It’s always a list of failing schools reported by the media center. It’s never the parents, students or community that takes any responsibility for the “failing” scores. It doesn’t matter if the student was two grade levels behind and made a grade and a half worth of improvement, that teacher and school still gets a failing label. Even the federal government blames only teachers because one of the four plans to “fix” failing schools under Obama’s Blueprint is to fire all the teaching staff and only rehire half of them. The line that I noticed most was how we teachers are just taking all this blame. I agree with that because there aren’t too many times where teachers speak out and defend all the work we do on a daily basis.

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