End of Summer….Back to School

I love being a teacher. At the end of each summer I lament the return to schedules, early rising, early bedtimes. Once I return to school, though, the sight of my colleagues, people with whom I have worked with for years and have a unique type of longstanding relationship, refreshes me. The environment of desks, lockers, school supplies, and schedules renews me. The discipline of the organizational needs focuses me. And the list of children, ready to begin learning, inspires me. I feel lucky to have a job that continues to generate passion, one that gets my tired old body out of bed each morning. Most of my friends don’t have this kind of passion for their jobs. Granted, they make a heck of a lot of more money than I do, but it’s hard to put a value on passion. It’s hard work, being a teacher, and I feel incredibly lucky to be one.


August 31, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Bob Fink replied:

    And we are lucky to have you

  2. Melissa K replied:

    I agree! After the long summer break, I am always ready to get back to school. The routine and newness of everything keeps the job fresh and exciting! I’m glad there’s another teacher out there that shares my back to school excitement!

  3. Ashley replied:

    There are few careers in the word that you get a “fresh start” in each year. I think that is what inspires me each fall, the opportunity to start something new or build upon something from the past and make it even better. ~

  4. Christy Anderson replied:

    I can totally relate! I love being a teacher, too! To most teachers on a traditional school schedule, the new year officially commences in the last week of August, yet every teacher knows that it truly begins around August 1st. In the same way there are harbingers of spring, for 17 years I’ve noticed that there are definite signs of a quickly approaching new academic year. With each morning walk my little dog and I take, I see additional sumac leaves turning red, the air becomes more crisp, there’s a look of anticipation on the faces of children and parents along the trail, and I note a sense of excitement building in my heart. Despite these indicators, however, the truest sign that a new year is almost upon us might just be what I call the famous “teacher dream”. If you’re a teacher, you know exactly what I mean… You know, the dream in which you suddenly wake up and realize it’s the first day of school. You rush out the door and fly into your classroom to find that it is filled with fifty students, all looking at you expectantly. You perceive with shock that you have not prepared the room for their welcome, you know none of their names, and horrifyingly, it registers that you somehow missed the back-to-school open house! You wake up with a pounding heart and gratefully recognize that it was a dream – your milestone teacher dream! Every year, I attempt to analyze the origins of this dream, and I always conclude that it’s the excitement and eagerness to begin a new school year that causes my mind to conjure up these notions. As August rolls on, I call my school secretary and bug her for my class list, I look up my new students’ faces in the yearbook, and I wonder who they are and what makes them tick. Creative ideas start flying through my mind. I think of ways I can improve, new goals for the year, and I wonder what challenges I’ll face during the next 10 months. With all of these great things brewing under the surface, how could any of us be surprised to have a “teacher dream”? When it happens, I smile and think, “Let the new year begin!”

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