Waking Up the Screen Saver

First day back from another winter vacation. One of my colleagues reflected on the pace of the students’ return to school. He said it feels like he’s trying to “wake up the screen saver.”

I figured that counting the years I was in school as a child and adding them to the years I’ve been an educator, I’ve been returning from winter vacations over fifty times. You’d think I’d be getting pretty good at it by now. Still, it’s always a struggle to return. I never sleep well the night before the big return. Why is that? I certainly look forward to seeing the kids and seeing my colleagues. I look forward to getting back on a regular schedule again, even though I miss being in charge of my own time. (I love being able to sleep as long as I like in the morning and going to bed whenever I feel tired.) I also forget that this particular break is never filled with the open time I expect when I begin it. I always create a list of what I expect to get done then I’m surprised when I spend the first week buying stuff for the holidays and the second week returning stuff left over from the holidays. You’d think I learn after all this time.

My colleague said he spent this first day back waving “the mouse all over the place.” The screen saver finally began to wake up.

*thanks to Don Quinn


January 5, 2011. Uncategorized.

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