Student Motivation

We often hear teachers and administrators wondering why their students aren’t motivated to learn. For many educators this is hard to understand because they excelled and enjoyed school. Therefore, teachers question why their students don’t share this same passion towards learning.

It is probably accurate to say that for most of us we enjoy the things in life where we have found some sense of accomplishment. Most educators experienced this feeling in school. As we know, however, many of our students don’t feel successful in school. School has become an unpleasant place where some students are continually reminded of their incompetence. When we feel incompetent, we usually give up or look for ways to avoid an unpleasant situation.

Many of our students have given up. As teachers, it is our responsibility to provide opportunities for all our students to succeed. We must continually ask ourselves what we can do to help each child go home feeling successful. Assisting students to set goals, giving them a sense of mission, providing work at an appropriate level, making our teaching relevant, breaking down tasks, differentiating our instruction, and using universal design are some ways to help our students feel successful. It is also our responsibility to recognize in each student his or her particular strengths. When we feel good about ourselves we are more likely to try new things that might be a challenge.


April 1, 2011. Uncategorized.

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