Have a Great Summer! You Deserve It!!

The school year is almost over! Teachers understand how exhausting our work can be. Probably the best way to prepare for the upcoming school year is by taking good care of yourself this summer and recharging your battery.  Here are some suggestions for you:

Ten Summer Suggestions for Teachers from ChildSense:

1)   Read books for pleasure

2)   Find a walking partner and go on nice morning or evening walks

3)   Discover a new restaurant or hang out at a coffee shop

4)   Get a massage!

5)   Go to the farmers’ market or plant your own garden

6)   Try something new – find a new hobby

7)   Travel

8)   Get into a exercise routine

9)   Call some old friends you have lost touch with

10)  Get a good night sleep or sneak in an afternoon nap

As the summer moves along and you feel relaxed, begin slowly looking at next school year. Here are a few realistic ideas:

1)   Affirm what you do well

2)   Read a book or take a class on a topic you want to improve on as a teacher

3)   Set three goals for the school year

4)   Have coffee with a colleague to discuss teaching goals and problem-solve issues

Thank you for all the work you do with children. Have a wonderful summer.

Jeff and Jon


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