School Year Suggestions for Teachers

We hope all you fabulous teachers had a wonderful summer and are ready for a new school year. As all of you remember, it doesn’t take long to be neck high in work and to spend all your waking hours working and thinking about your students. Too often we forget about taking care of ourselves when we get so involved.

In June, we offered some summer suggestions for you. This month we want to offer some ideas for the upcoming school year. Our suggestions are not directly for your students, although we guarantee they will benefit from them!

The suggestions are for you. You deserve it! So take out your pen and write down which suggestions you will commit to and post them on your refrigerator. Go on! Get the pen! Now!

School Year Suggestions for Teachers from ChildSense:

  1. Start your day with a healthy breakfast
  2. Read for pleasure
  3. Walk with a partner on a regular basis
  4. Go out for coffee on Friday morning before work
  5. Go for a monthly massage
  6. Continue or establish an exercise routine
  7. Get a good night sleep
  8. Set a time to leave school at the end of the day and keep to it
  9. Take time to eat a healthy lunch
  10. Write daily affirmations of what you did well each day
  11. Plan team meetings at a site away from school
  12. Smile at your students and enjoy their company

Go ahead and write one more! Write one of your own that will help take care of you. We guarantee that if you take care of yourself you will reap the benefits and so will your students.

Have a wonderful school year.

Jeff and Jon


July 31, 2011. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Ben Shlimovitz replied:

    This is good advice. Halfway into my first year, I realized that I couldn’t be a functional teacher if I wasn’t a functional person. I joined a gym, spent more time with my family, took a relaxed attitude towards marking assignments… that might have been a problem…

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