The Best Gifts for Teachers


As the school year is closing, some may be thinking about how to show their appreciation for teachers and other school support personnel. We know many teachers who have found great value in personal messages created for them by their students and parents. Letters, photo albums, and other documentation of what made the school year important to them usually stand far above token gifts of items such as candy and coffee cups. To see that a student or parent has taken the time to articulate WHAT has made the teacher relationship special, well, that carries its own special message.

One of my most prized possessions is a clay cup. It is molded in the shape of my face by one of my former students. Liz made it for me in art class when she was a fifth grader about 34 years ago. It sits on a counter in my kitchen holding pens and pencils. I look at it every day. It serves as a reminder of a memorable student as well as a symbol of the feelings I’ve had for all of my students.

Students and parents: think about creating a representation of your fond feelings for your teacher and consider beginning it now. By the time the year has ended, you will have a gift for the teacher that will resonate with him or her for a lifetime.

Teachers and other school personnel: please consider sending us a description of your favorite mementos from your students. Attach a picture, if you can.


May 31, 2012. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Ellen replied:

    Beautiful post and reminder what what’s important to teachers. Love the “mug shot!”

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